Studio Information

Raney Recording Studio is large enough to accommodate a single act to a forty member choir.
We provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere combined with award winning audio professionals
to give your project world class sound.

We utilize only the very best equipment:


Quad Eight Automated Recording Console w/ Uptown Moving Fader Automation
Protools 6.1 version
HD3 Digi Pro Tools ACCEL (High Definition)
(3) Digi 192 I/O
(1) 192DA CARD
Digi Sync I/O
(2) 80 GIG Glyph Firewire Storage
1 Glyph Scsi Ultra Wide reciever w/tray(s) 18 gig HD
(2) 19" LCD Monitors
G-4 Mac (dual gig) w/1.5 gig of ram
Sound Shaper - Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

Antares Auto Tunner 3
WavesGold TDM Gold Bundle:
L1 UltraMax, C1 Comp/Gate/Sidechain, S1 Stereo Imager, Q10 Paragraphic EQ,
TrueVerb Virtual Room, PAZ PsychoAcoustic Analyzer, Renaissance Compressor,
Renaissance EQ, Renaissance Reverb, SuperTap, MondoMod, MetaFlanger, Doppler,
Enigma, UltraPitch, AudioTrack, PS22 PseudoStereo, MaxxBass , Desser and
C4 MultiBand Parametric Processor
Impact by Digidesign:
Reverb One by Digidesign, d2 by Focusrite, d3 by Focusrite
Virus Indigo by Access Music, Speed by Wave Mechanics
Oxford EQ by Sony, Amp Farm by Line 6
Maxim by Digidesign, D-Fi by Digidesign, Bruno/Reso by Digidesign
SoundReplacer by Digidesign
Compressor Bundle Universal Audio: LA2A & 1176 LN

Studio B
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Mackie 32x8 Studio Console
(2) Compacq Work Stations
(2) Deman Audio Cards
MTR 10-1/4" / MTR 10-1/2" -Otari Recorders
Otari 5050 Mk III 1/4" Recorder
Fisher Studio Standard Turntable
SV-3700 Dat Recorder
DA-45 Tascam Pro DAT Recorder
Sony Mini Disc
Mackie HR824 Reference Monitors
TC Electronic Finalizer
Sound Forge 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 & CD Architect
Waves Native & Gold Powerpack
Aphex (Model 320 Compellor, Model 250
Type III Aural Exciter & Big Bottom)
Orban (Frequency Filtering System with
Narrow Band Graphics)
Sound Shaper - Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

Studio A
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Digi 002 Pro Tools
MX2424 Tascam Hard Drive Recorder w/RC2424
MTR 90/24 Track Recorder - Otari 2" w/CD115
MX-70/16 Track Recorder - Otari 1"
24 Tracks Tascam DA-88 w/RC 848
24 Tracks Alesis ADAT w/BRC
(1) SV 3700 Panasonic Dat Recorder
(1) SV 3800 Panasonic Dat Recorder
(1) PDR 10 Carver CDR Burner
(1) 122 Mk II Tascam Cassette Deck

Outboard Compressors:
4 Channels of TL Audio C-1 Tube Compressor and PreAmp
2 Channels of Urei LA-4 Tube Compressor and PreAmp
(3) DBX 166XL, (2) DBX 160X
(4) Channels of Gatex Gates
(4) Channels of Indigo TL-Audio Line Pre-Amp

H 3000 Eventide
PCM 70 Lexicon,
(2) Yamaha SPX 90

Aphex (Model 320 Compellor, Model 250
Type III Aural Exciter, Big Bottom & Dominator II)

(1) Neumann U67 Tube, (5) KM 84
(2) 414 AKG, (1) D112
Sennheiser (2) 421 (2) 441
Shure (6) SM98, (4) SM81, (3) SM7, (1) SM5, (5) SM57
Audio Technica 4050

Studio Monitors:
Mackie HR824 Reference Monitors
Furman HR6 Headphone System

Drum Workshop Kit (Maple)
Pearl Drums (Export Series)

4" Brass Yamaha Piccalo Snare
Maple Pearl 10"x8" Snare
Maple 5" English Richmo Snare w/wood hoops
Metal 6" Pearl Snare

Line 6 Studio Pod Pro w/control board
1967 Fender Twin
K2500 Kurzweil Keyboard
1962 Fender Percision Bass
Engelhart 3/4 Acoustic Bass

At Raney Recording Studio our projects carry our pride. Our family reputation and fifty years of recording industry experience stands on every recording. We rely on the very best, industry leading equipment in recording, CD duplication, bin-loop duplication, graphic design, printing and packaging.
RaneyRecording Studio is a full service recording facility.

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