Graphic Design


Raney Recording Studio offers cassette and CD insert layout and printing utilizing state of the art graphic design and printing equipment to create attention grabbing CD or Cassette covers.

Club Blonde CD Cover
Our graphics team's expert use of the latest graphic design and graphics software, such as Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop insures that you get a top quality layout every time, and our full, four color printing process gives you the best available quality and clarity of color and print.

Beer Goggles CD Cover
Double Trouble CD Cover
Whether you have a design in mind or would like us to create a custom design for your project, the graphic design staff at Raney Recording Studio will work with you to create an image that fits your project.
Adobe Illustrator

Quark XPress

Adobe Photoshop

Download Layout Templates

increase the resolution to 300 dpi !

Macintosh Users
self-extracting file

PC Users
self-extracting file

 Material that you want to run off the edge of the print needs to be outside the "Bleed Line"

 Material that you DO NOT want to run off the edge or get trimmed off needs to be inside the "Trim Line" preferably a good 1/8" inside

The work needs to be sent in its original LAYERED format in Adobe PhotoShop. If that's not possible, then we prefer it in hi-res 300dpi CMYK TIFF format. DO NOT send it in JPEG format!
We also NEED a print-out hard copy of the finished work!

Unless you're ordering 1000 or more units, we CAN NOT print on the CD in Color or in GreyScale. Strictly solid BLACK print only and NOT GREY!


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