Raney Recording Studio, Inc. can accept the following masters for
CD production:
• DAT Masters
• Analog Reel to Reel/Cassette/LP Album
• Mini Disc
• Compact Disc
All masters should be timed, sequenced and edited. However, digital editing and sequencing is available at the rate of $95.oo per hour. The absolute maximum program length for a CD is 72 minutes. A program list with times of each selection and total time of project should be included with order. Please indicate the Mastering Machine used in final mix.
CD's will be packaged in jewel boxes with full-color inserts and
CD production package price includes the limited design, typesetting, and layout of the one-page CD insert (full-color one side). This price also includes one color scan from a photo or artwork, and printing of the full-color CD insert. If a transparency is submitted, an additional charge of $35.oo will be incurred. Each additional color scan will be charged at a rate of $65.oo each. Add $195.oo for a 4-page folded insert (color front and back, B/W inside). Additional folds on the CD insert incur a charge of $95.oo each, plus graphic charges. Lyric printing on the back of the CD insert is $149.oo. Add $149.oo for a full-color CD tray card. Add $95.oo for black and white back printing of CD insert. A black and white proof of your artwork will be sent to you for preliminary proofing. This proof is not an indication of the quality of the final printed product. Also, the placement of type and type-font design may vary on the final product. All corrections should be made to the proof. Any corrections made after proof is returned will incur additional cost. At the prices listed, Raney Recording Studio, Inc. warrants only pleasing color. Exact color reproduction to client's specifications will be billed to client based on time and material involved. Special graphics are available through our art department and quotes are submitted upon request. Cost for color scans, corrections, and proofing are based on $30.oo per quarter hour. Additions, deletions, or changes made to original copy after final proof has been completed will necessitate additional charge.
All errors made by Raney Recording Studio, Inc. (if noted on proof) will be corrected at no charge. After proof has been signed and returned to Raney Recording Studio, Inc., no changes may be made without additional cost to the client. Graphic discs may be submitted, and Raney Recording Studio, Inc. will try to interpret all discs submitted. All graphic discs should be Macintosh platform in Quark XPress and Photoshop. Discs that Raney Recording Studio, Inc. cannot read or use will be returned to client. All discs should include a work sheet describing graphic programs used. All type fonts, photos and art should be included on discs and work sheet.
The normal production schedule for an initial order is thirty to sixty working days (2-3 weeks for proofs, 2-3 weeks for production of final product after all proofs are returned approved and production materials are received at Raney Recording Studio, Inc.). During peak production season, production schedule could be 60-120 working days (3-4 weeks for proofs, 4-6 weeks for production of final product. This applies only if all material (master tape, photography, label information) has been submitted. This does not include time during which the proofs are in the client's possession. Raney Recording Studio, Inc. will try to maintain production schedule by over-nighting or two-day airing proofs to client. Client should return proofs back to Raney Recording Studio, Inc. by next-day shipping if possible. Priority mail is not fast, usually taking 3-4 days.
Reorders should be processed in 20-30 working days (4-5 weeks). However, no guarantee of delivery is expressed or implied. Once the client's production leaves Raney Recording Studio, Inc., delivery becomes the responsibility of the carrier. For faster service, send a cashier's check or money order, covering all cost including shipping. Call for an estimate on shipping cost.
All prices are F.O.B. our manufacturing facility: 50% to be paid with order, balance due with proof approval (Cashier's Check, cash or money order). $500.oo minimum deposit on CD production.
Prices are based on our current price list. Any work not included in price list will be billed to client as additional cost. Prices include designing of CD printing, but do not include free-hand or detailed artwork. Prices for detailed artwork will be submitted to client upon request. Raney Recording Studio, Inc. acts as a subcontractor/manufacturer and will not be held liable for royalties or licensing fees on any product.
• Cash-in-advance
(Cashier's Check, Cash or Money Order)
• 50% down, 50% on proof approval.
• All orders are subject to 10% over or under run.
• Customers will be billed for actual quantities shipped.
• Customers are responsible for shipping and mailing cost.
• All prices are subject to change without notice.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. reserves the right to change prices, color materials, specifications, and quantities mentioned on our price list
without notice or obligation.
• No price break will be given if client supplies printing or disc.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any order for whatever reason.
• Before a master, photo, artwork, or copy leaves the client's possession, the client should have a safety copy of the master and each item, so that these items can be replaced should they be lost or damaged.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. will treat the client's materials with the utmost care.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. specifically denies liability for any damage or loss resulting from fire, casualty, or negligence while the client's materials are in the care, control, or possession of Raney Recording Studio, Inc.
• Client should provide his own insurance coverage as Raney Recording Studio, Inc.'s Policy does not provide protection for client's materials or parts in our possession.
• Every effort will be made to return all material to client, but no guarantee is expressed or implied.
• While Raney Recording Studio, Inc. will do everything possible to meet acceptable delivery dates, such as may have been quoted or acknowledged by our sales representatives or sales literature, these are only estimated dates of delivery. Raney Recording Studio, Inc. disclaims liability for delays in delivery or any other part of production.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. guarantees that all products shall meet national industry standards of production and manufacturing. Should defects in quality or workmanship of any product be found by Raney Recording Studio, Inc., Raney Recording Studio, Inc. limits liability to rerun or refund (at our option) on the services performed, providing that the product is deemed defective by reason of workmanship or material by Raney Recording Studio, Inc. Reruns or refunds will only be commensurate with the quantity of goods returned to Raney Recording Studio, Inc. Should production be stopped for any reason, client will be billed for all work done, and material used, up to the stop phase of production.
• No merchandise may be returned to Raney Recording Studio, Inc. without written permission. No product will be replaced, or credit given, more than thirty (30) days after client's receipt of product.
• All prices are F.O.B. our manufacturing facility. The client is responsible for all shipping and mailing charges of all proofs, products, master, photo and material returns. Should materials or product be damaged or lost in transit from Raney Recording Studio, Inc. to client, client should immediately file claim with carrier of goods for compensation of damage or loss.
• Raney Recording Studio, Inc. acts only as a subcontractor/manufacturer and will not be held liable for any marketing fees, including royalties, licensing agreements, taxes or other fees.