Listed here are some of our recording clients
and a sample song from each, featuring a variety of musical styles.
Tim Hughes - Didn't Have A ChanceArtist: Tim Hughes
CD: Didn't Have A Chance
Didn't Have A Chance

File Size/Type: 3.72MB MP3
Sonny Burgess - Tupelo ConnectionArtist: Sonny Burgess
CD: Tupelo Connection
Shake, Rattle & Roll

File Size/Type: 2.73MB MP3
Mixed & mastered by Jon Raney
at Raney Recording Studio
Tom Tiratto - A Tribute To Frank SinatraArtist: Tom Tiratto
CD: A Tribute To
Frank Sinatra

File Size/Type: 2.55MB MP3
The MaHarrey's - Not Turning LooseArtist: The MaHarrey's
CD: Not Turning Loose
I'm Not Turning Loose

File Size/Type: 3.18MB MP3
Local Exchange - Steppin' OutArtist: Local Exchange
CD: Steppin' Out
Love Grown Cold

File Size/Type: 1.91MB MP3
Karen Wheeler - A Mental Journey...Artist: Karen Wheeler
CD: A Mental Journey...
Can I Have Him

File Size/Type: 1.76MB MP3
Joe Jewell & FeatherStone - Bluebells Of ScotlandArtist: Joe Jewell
& FeatherStone
CD: Bluebells Of Scotland
Tam Lin

File Size/Type: 2.50MB MP3
Brad Apple - Mandolin FiestaArtist: Brad Apple
CD: Mandolin Fiesta
Mandolin Fiesta

File Size/Type: 3.01MB MP3

Other clients include...

Doug Spartz
Sonny Burgess and the Pacers
Anthony Michael James
Billy Lee Riley
Karen Wheeler
Jean Shepard
Narvel Felts
Tim Hughes
Johnny Drifter
Michelle Franks
Michele Moore
The Ezell Family
Jimmy D. Smith
Kelly McGuire
Four By His Grace
Joe Jewell
Michelle Nixon and Drive
Appalachian Express
Local Exchange
Louisiana Grass
Sweet Water
Joe Cook Family
The Jones Family
Audrey Gilliam
John Taylor
The River Rats
Moon Mullins
Tim Crouch
Doug Deforest
Donnie Moss
Velvet Ridge
The Hackett Family
The MaHarrey's
The Isbell's
Doug Conn
Colleen Moore
John Cowan
The Apple Family
Brad Apple
Brandon Apple
Michael Shull
Rhonda Engler
Leanne Prichard
Bo Riddle
Mike Edging
Bill Jolliff
White River Hoedown
David Creech
Stan Cook
Bob Ashton
Brenda Todd
Millie Lace
Smokey Greene
Carl Denny
Doug Davis
Dusty Rhodes
Larry Nelson Family
Ken White
Kid Fresh & the Funk
Kirby Clark
Libby Benson
Lloyd Schuh Agency
Audioloft Studios
Alley Trax Studio
Traxside Studio
Joe Smith
Todd Fritsch
David Tyler
Cedar Hill
Rhodes, Chalmers & Barnett
Guy Stevenson
Giant Kller Cows
The Vigils
Tom Tiratto
Bashful Brother Oswald
First Impression
Lisa Ray
Hilltop, Nashville
Teddy Riedel
Lorrie Hutcheson
Lynn Stokes
The Hughes Brothers
Edgemont Video
Janet McBride
Katie Lynn
Toby Lee Webb
Pamela Ward
Ruth Finley
Sue Ann O'Neal
Todd West
Barry Jones Family
Living Proof
Sue Husser
The Leatherwoods
Tom Swatzell
Union Hill
The Birdsong Family
Andy Brannon
Arlene Renea
Art Greenhaw & The Lightcrust Doughboys
Bill Chappell
Barry Wolverton
Herb Pedersen
The Laurel Canyon Ramblers
Doug McGinnis
Country Gospel Express
Patsy Montana
The Cox Family
Lonnie Glosson
Dave Sharp
Don Farris
Floyd "King" Sain
Duron Ministries
Ferlin Husky
Cal Smith
Freddy Pigg
Gary Yocom & Redemption Road
Grateful In Hymn
Harold & Ovaline Andrews
The Holt Family
James Gambino
Jerry Tuttle
Jasper Junction
Josh Newcom
Clowndog Riot
Sharon Graeff
Rosie Plummer
Darrell Plummer
Suzi Weber
Donnie Klossner
Soul Searchers
Ann Grace
David E. Young
Serena Ray
Mare Winningham
Tony Thomas
Charley Sandage
Dave Smith
Micah Husser
Paul Belanger
Tara Sky
Tennessee Gentlemen
The Adairs
Crumpton Family
The Harpers
The Townsend Trio
Travis Mobley
Twice As Nice
Umy & The Goodtimers
Vern Young
Washboard Leo Thomas
Bob Ketchum
Don Wiley
Hickory Hill
Kern Kennedy
Marlon Steffey
Old 15 South
Buster Swoopes
The Duffin Family
Whitehouse Harmony
Hadley Barrett
Roger Jefford
Stranger's Home
String Circle
Susan Taylor
Kingdom Seekers
The Ruckmans
Robert Vandygriff
Louie Michael
Heritage Quartet
Linnie Lindsay
Wayne Raney
Randy Platow
Carlton Gilmer
Dallas Harp Trio
Jeryl Welch
Herb Baker
James Amos
The Bressler Brothers
Jim Orchard
Rodger King
Terrie Roark
Kenny Snider
Robert Bowlin
Don Johnson
U.D. Corley
Dave Gourley
The Bartons
The David Baron Family
Mattingly Family
Ron Owen
Dave Rich
Tommy Allsup
The Bilderbacks
Doug & Cindy Mickan
Jerry Carr
The Plummers
The Allen Sisters
Jim Wallis
Quest Studio
Mary McDonald
Mary & Robert Gillihan

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